A meeting of epic proportions, and other monumental things

So I got back today from a little trip to Washington DC. It was not a long trip. In fact it lasted less than 24 hours.

I went down there to meet up with some friends from the Internet, one of which I had met before (3 years ago at a NYWC) and the others I would be meeting for the first time. I would have liked to have had more time to share with them, but responsibilities at home kept me detained. I was not able to leave until after church on Sunday (about 4pm). Traffic was fairly nightmarish all throughout the Baltimore area, and a 3.5hour projected trip took more along the lines of 4.5hours. I checked in to my hotel on the way to meet them, as it was on the road I had to travel to get there, and finally arrived at the agreed-upon meeting place in the vicinity of 9pm.


‘Twas, as was the saying circulating that evening, a meeting of epic proportions. I was, naturally, the last to arrive, and I found, upon said arrival, Derek & Katie, Shayna & (sister) Lauren, and Loren (henceforth referred to simply as “The Lor”) waiting for me. You would think there would be some nervousness in the initial “real-life” meeting of people you’ve only known in a virtual setting, but this was not the case. Hugs were exchanged and greetings commenced. It was like coming home to people you’ve always known, as if we had hung out several times before and this was just another meeting. Behold the glorious wonder of the World Wide Web. We ate at a Chitpotle (up until then I thought it was only a sauce) and sat on the side of the road, listening to other people’s music emanating from their cars, talking and laughing about a variety of topics, taking pictures, and enjoying each other’s company.

The Lor

As time progressed, The Lor had to part company with us as other responsibilities were beckoning early the following morning. And so we said goodbye and exchanged more hugs. The rest of us decided to go for some night-time monument seeing. We visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol. I love the Lincoln Memorial, and I think it’s even cooler at night. A quiet reverence was upon the place, and I was loving it all the more. We got some great night-time Lincoln photos as well. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs of how I think Lincoln was out greatest President, and how his story and struggle is so inspiring. The Capitol was fairly awesome as well. Quiet and tranquil. It is an impressive building.

OG Thuggirl

Afterwards, it was about midnight, and time was drawing nigh for the breaking of the Fellowship. We returned to the original meeting place, for that is where my car was left parked, and exchanged a last set of goodbyes and yet even more hugs. And we got a new thugged-out picture of Shayna. The group was leaving to head back to North Carolina early in the morning, and so this is the last I would see of them. As they drove off and disappeared into the darkness there was a somberness in the moment. I missed them, even after only 3 hours of actually hanging out. And I think the realization that I was completely alone in this strange city began to sink in. It was odd. I had difficulty sleeping that night in my hotel in the ghetto of Washington. I posted some photos of the day to Flickr, and finally fell asleep somewhere around 3:30am.


Today I woke up and took a shower and headed back out to the National Mall area of Washington. I walked up and down the entire length from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. I saw the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, World War, World War II, and Washington memorials/monuments. I have many a photo that will be posted to Flickr tomorrow. I am particularly proud of these shots. I think they came out pretty good. I must say that the World War II memorial is simply amazing. I’ve never seen it before this trip. I don’t know how I missed it. I left about 2pm to head home. I would have stayed later, but monument-seeing is not as fun when you are alone. Perhaps I will return some time with some friends in the future. I discovered many new areas I did not previously know about that I would love to explore in further detail.

I made excellent timing on the return journey. Upon my arrival home, I slothed about the house a bit and then met up with Carlos and Jenn for some dinner to end my mini-vacation. Yeah, it was one day, but it was relaxing and enjoyable.

I think I shall take my leave. I do have work in the morning and I’m sure it will be even more rough getting up than usual. And I still miss my friends.

Until next time… Peace be with you.

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