Microsoft Office, or the lack thereof

 iwork.jpg=Today I removed Microsoft Office from my MacBook Pro. I realized that iWork ’08 can handle most of what Office can do and that it can now convert and open Office documents with ease. Pages can read .doc’s. Numbers can read Excel spreadsheets. I don’t know for sure if Keynote can read PowerPoint files, but it would seem it can based on what the other programs can do. So, there’s no need for me to have MS Office anymore.It’s always been a love-hate relationship with Office. I mean, yeah, it’s the industry standard, and for good reason. Office is a great productivity suite. I have Office 2007 on my PC and it is a beautiful collection of programs. And I must hand it to Microsoft… Excel is an outstanding program – the best spreadsheet system on the Market today, in my opinion. However, it just never worked right on my Mac. Perhaps it was because I was running the 2004 version. It was painfully slow and buggy and felt cumbersome to use. Things were not where I expected them to be. It felt so much more complex than the Windows versions of the software. I found myself frustrated with it and there was a sense of dread whenever I had to open a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet. Good news, though… Office Mac 2008 comes out soon. It’s supposed to be a very nice system. Perhaps I will try it, but I would much rather buy a $79 Apple suite than a several-hundred dollar Microsoft suite.I am currently running the iWork ’08 trial that came with iLife ’08, and plan on buying the full thing in my next paycheck.

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