Text of the (Quasi)Day, Vol 10

https://i0.wp.com/www.mobiletracker.net/archives/images/apple-iphone-in-hand.jpgIn recent news of the iPhone‘s lower price (more on that later today) I texted my friend, AJ, to let him know, as he was one of the few to actually get the 4Gb iPhone for $500. When I told him that his model was discontinued and the 8Gb model was now cheaper than he paid for 4Gb, this was the reply:

AJ: “Geez. $500 and 2 months later and I’m outdated and discontinued. I feel used and raped.”
Me: “You got Steve’d.”

Related, this text came from Treocast via Twitter shortly thereafter:

“And for all those that just dropped $599 on an 8gig iPhone, Steve once again gives you the finger.. it’s now $399.”

I love it!

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