So this is about 3 days old, but I haven’t been home in the past three days to check email, let alone blog. I watched the Apple announcement on Tuesday about the new iPods, and here are my thoughts for the 2 people interested:

iPod shuffle:

Nothing really new with the Shuffle. Same 1Gb of storage. New colors. No big deal. I’m not a fan of the Shuffle. I like to be able to see my music while I listen to it. I want a screen and then I want to be able to pick the song I want based on the mood I am in. One nice thing is that the Shuffle now comes in a PRODUCT(Red), so you can help fight the epidemics of diseases in Africa if you feel so inclined simply by getting the $79 iPod you were going to get anyway.

iPod nano:

It’s the new fat nano. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I always felt like I would break the old thinner nanos if I breathed on them too hard, but they looked mighty good. The new nano is just…. fat… weird looking. I haven’t actually seen one of these in the wild yet. I have plans to visit the Apple Store this weekend, and they should be in stock by then. Maybe I will change my mind once I hold one in my hand. Some nice improvements: video capability, new UI (which I’ve heard is fairly sweet), Cover Flow (which I have also heard works pretty sweetly), full metallic body, more default storage. People have said that the fat-ness is not a big deal since the iPod is so small. We shall see. iPod nano is available with 4Gb of storage for $149 and 8Gb for $199.

iPod classic:

Not too much upgrade to the iPod, or as it is called now, iPod classic. It does now sport a full metallic body and the same new UI with Cover Flow as the nano. The big enhancement is that the classic now starts at 80Gb for $249 and a massive 160Gb for $349. The high-end classic has more disk space than my MacBook Pro. Crazy. I am still very satisfied with my old 30Gb iPod. It works great and hasn’t failed me yet, so I can personally testify to the reliability and durability of this model of iPod.

iPod touch:

Welp, people have been asking for an “iPhone without the phone” and here it be! The crowd reaction to the iPod touch announcement was loud and extended. I must say that it’s a sweet device. It has the iPhone’s iPod interface which everyone loves. Safari is built-in along with 802.11b/g level WiFi. YouTube support is in there. Syncing for calendars and contacts. A clock. And the big, HUGE “one more thing” of the announcement…. iTunes WiFi Music Store! It was said back when the Zune was released that Apple would be the ones to take the WiFi-in-a-media-player concept that Microsoft failed with and make it the right way, and so they have. It’s amazing. You can go online right from your iPod and get on the iTunes Music Store and purchase and download music to the device. And it syncs back with iTunes when you get home. So cool. I can tell that if I had this I would spend obscene amounts of money on music, so it’s better that I refrain from getting it. They also have a deal with Starbucks where, when in a participating Starbucks, your iPod will show whatever track is being played over the speakers and allow you to purchase it right then and there via the iTunes WiFi Music Store. This is a pretty cool feature, though it wouldn’t benefit me as I don’t drink coffee nor do I visit Starbucks (and my friend David has already told me how sad a state I live in because of this fact). Still, it’s nice to know that this technology is possible, and hopefully it will spread to other places as well. All this for $299. Not bad at all. And iPod touch comes in 8Gb and 16Gb models. Of course, I don’t really see much need to get the iPod touch because….


Apple has lowered the price of the iPhone! Actually, they have discontinued the 4Gb model (much to AJ‘s dismay) and reduced the price of the 8Gb model from$599 to $399. So really, you can get everything in the iPod touch along with a great phone for $100 more. Of course, not everyone wants the phone, hence the cry of “Give us an iPhone minus the phone.” Me personally, if I was going to go for the iPod touch, I would just go all the way and get the iPhone. Nothing has changed with the iPhone physically since it’s June 29 release, but they are going to roll out the iTunes WiFi Music Store to the iPhone’s software in a free update later this month. They also will, later this month, unleash a custom-ringtone maker available as a part of iTunes but to be unlocked next week. You actually have to pay an additional 99-cents on top of the 99-cents you already paid for the songs to make them ringtones. I don’t get why that is, but that’s the deal I suppose they worked out with the record labels. I personally don’t care for ringtones, so I wouldn’t need this nor pay the additional 99-cents. You can use your own personal songs that you didn’t buy from iTunes as long as they are a participant in the program, but you still have to pay the 99-cent fee for the ringtone. Oh, and for those who are angry because they just bought an 8Gb iPhone recently, never fear. Apple is offering a $100 in store credit for all those who missed the price cut. Visit apple.com for more details or contact Steve directly.

There is a new version of iTunes available now that supports all the new features of the new iPods. Visit iTunes.com to get it, or simply “search for updates” on your already existing software.

Apple and iPod. The beat goes on.

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  1. hi, i am a big ipod fan, i kno this is gfay and lame but just saying.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am a guy by the way

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