https://i0.wp.com/sfsubookstore.com/catalog/images/macbook3420061108.jpgSo I mentioned a while back that I might be teaching some tech classes this semester. Well, I am official now. They start Tuesday, September 16 There’s going to be two of them, each dealing with a different area of technology. There has been demand from people for these classes, well for one of them. The other is one that I really want to do, so I will attempt both at the same time.. Here’s the description as listed in the class selection list:

1. Intro to Computer Technology (the 1st class)
This class is for the beginner in computer technology. No experience
is needed. If you are looking for a class to teach you what a
computer is, how it works, and some basic computer skills while
having your technological questions finally answered, then this class
is for you. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: the
history of the computer industry, what is a computer, basic
functionality, software, hardware, networks, operating systems,
productivity suites, the Internet, etc. There will also be plenty of
time to ask those tech questions that have been burning in your mind
for so long and receive answers from several people who use this
technology everyday.

2. Web 2.0: The 21st Century Internet (the 2nd class)
What is Web 2.0? When did Web 1.0 end? This class is dedicated to
the wonder that is the Internet. The Internet is still fairly new
yet has has tremendous impact in out communication, productivity,
business, commerce, education, media, and many other facets of
society. Coming into this class there is an expectation that you
have a basic familiarity with a computer, though even the computer-
beginner should be able to take to this class relatively easily. We
will look at what the Internet is, what it was designed for, how it
was first implemented, and where the web is taking us today. We will
look at trends in the Internet that will show us things to come from
the World Wide Web in the next 5 to 10 years. We will also explore
the new “social networking” craze and how that has affected Internet
use and has shaped what our online society will become. Finally, we
will look at the impact the Internet has had on our “real world”
lives and the effect it will continue to have. We will look at
current popular websites and find out just what makes them so
popular. There will be times of questions and answers as well.

Interested in coming out? Both classes are on Tuesday. The first is 7pm and the second is at 8pm. Both are going to be held at the Liberty Center at 1121 Elizabeth Ave in Elizabeth, NJ. Email me if you have any questions.

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