Ciao Girl Eats San Francisco!

So I have a friend in San Francisco named Laurel who just started up her first blog called, Ciao Girl Eats San Francisco. We met via the wonder of Twitter many months ago and have spoken to each other via Facebook and IM and even some recent video chat. In the last video chat the idea came up for her to start a blog of restaurant and food establishment reviews.

I can tell that this is going to be an great and enjoyable reading experience. In video chatting with her I’ve noticed some things that, when she speaks about them, her eyes light up and she talks with a passion and ferver that can only come from things that speak and set your soul on fire. One is the Macintosh. This alone makes her awesome. But there is more. The other is food. And not cheap McDonald’s-type food, but good quality food from fine eating establishments. She started telling me about this restaurant she recently visited and she got that “look” in her eyes that a person gets when they absolutely love and are enthralled with the topic at hand.

She has already posted the first blog and the passion and “look” comes through the text on the screen as if you were speaking to her in-real-life. Her word pictures and descriptions really make you feel like you are there partaking of what she is experiencing.

So definitely check out her blog, and even subscribe. Links are below. And if you live in the San Francisco area, visit some of the places she suggests and share in her passion.


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