I never really paid attention in high school or college. My notebooks were filled with sketches of various things more than they were filled with notes. I loved drawing and sketching and “doodling” on anything and everything I could.

Since I graduated I haven’t sketched that much, but in the past two days I had to go through some training at work, and in those two days of “schooling,” while having to sit and listen to an instructor teach me about the industry, I found my old habits instinctively come right back and I started to sketch on the papers they gave me rather than listen to what was going on.

These are the two things that came of my drawing over the past two days. I admit my skills have slacked in the past several years. Neither one is as good as they should be. And the heads are quite similar to each other, though the bodies are headed in different directions. Maybe I should take up the art again and get a small sketch book to keep with me. I do enjoy it.

What do you think? Full sizes available by clicking on the images.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2

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