8EE1F87B-F92F-4D21-93C7-9B6100C9B627.jpg So I just downloaded a new program I heard about on MacBreak Weekly that would make it easier to blog. I’ve always found it a pain to have to log into a website and use their interface to blog. I know, it’s not really that hard to log in and do it. I just found it a pain. And certain browsers didn’t well support WordPress… I need things to simplify my life.

Things have been crazy around here lately. It seems there is always a meeting to go to or a project to work on or something of importance that demands my attention. Honestly, it can get a bit overwhelming. I need a vacation… badly. I will talk more of that later on. The point is that I am constantly looking for a way to simplify things, to automate things, to make my stress reduced and my life easier. Sometimes the little things, when added up, can do more that one large “stress reliever.”

Maybe I’m making more out of this than there really is. Anyway, I downloaded the program MarsEdit. It links directly to my current blog, but lets me edit from an offline state from a program sitting locally on my disk and then send it to the web when I finish. It links to your Flickr account for easy access to add pictures to any post, which is pretty sweet since I usually send all my pictures that I use on my blog to Flickr. It seems easy enough to use. This very blog is being typed on MarsEdit. I’m currently using the 30 day trial period, and if I like how it all works, it’s only $30 to purchase it. MarsEdit is made by Red Sweater Software and runs on the Mac OS X platform.

You can download your trial software at

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