‘Splodin Nanas!

Don’t you hate when your Nana just spontaneously combusts?

Danny Williams, an iPod nano owner claims that his Nano burst into flames while it was in his pocket. He claims that there were chest-high flames emanating from the malfunctioning iPod, but luckily he was saved by a piece of paper also in his pocket. Well, thank goodness for that sacrificial, flammable flame retardant sheet of protection!

Ok, for real, the Nano’s battery probably was defective. It probably did explode in his pocket. It’s happened before, albeit with rare occurrence in the iPod world. But chest-high flames? And a magical piece of paper to protect him from burns?

1. Paper is flammable. Glossy coating is flammable. Perhaps the coating takes a bit longer to catch, but the heat would easily transfer from iPod to leg and effectively burn. Also, why is there only a small puncture hold and mild discoloration on the card, if in fact there was a blazing inferno proceeding from his lap? Shouldn’t there be serious burning of the paper since I’m sure the flames weren’t extinguished in a few seconds?

2. If the flames were chest-high, why is his entire torso not burned? A little card in his pocket can’t protect from that.

3. Mistaken for a terrorist? I think that’s a bit extreme.

Anyway, I’m sorry his iPod malfunctioned. Apple did say they’d send him a new one. But this is obviously an exaggeration in an attempt for another frivolous law suit to get money from a company.

Engadget has the full story, with video.

I have to get back to work as my lunch break ends soon, and so…. oh no, I just spilled some coffee on myself… someone will pay for this!

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure your iPod is protected.

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One Reply to “‘Splodin Nanas!”

  1. Stories like this crack me up. It’s like the guys who burns their legs or “other parts” by putting their laptops on their laps. Um… it’s toasty down there!

    I know a good guy for getting ipods fixed… but I don’t think he could mess with one that was on fire. Sell you a cracked iphone, yes… fixed a nano that caught on fire… not so much.

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