A good day

I’ve been non-existant for awhile, haven’t I? It’s been quite busy and hectic around here. Work is frustrating and I am in desperate need of a vacation. I’m taking off two weeks starting October 27. Right in the middle of that a group of 9 of us are heading to St Louis, Missouri for the National Youth Worker’s Convention. I love going to this conference. It’s an annual highlight to my schedule for the past several years. First off, it’s a great experience to challenge and give ideas in the area of youth ministry. And it has a way of recharging the batteries… something about getting together with several thousand other mentally deranged youth workers (for you need to have a few screws loose to fully embrace youth ministry) and having some of the greatest speakers around today pour into you and tell you that you’re doing a good job (something that doesn’t happen all too often). Secondly, it’s just one of the most fun experiences you can have. They have tons and tons of great bands that perform around the clock. Magicians. Comedians. Games. Giveaways. Everything. Thirdly, it is sooooo completely relaxing. They encourage you to just take a break and chill and unwind while there. They even go as far as “giving you permission” to play hookie from the entire conference and just go out and have fun for the week instead if that’s what you need. Naps are encouraged… you’ll see youth workers randomly strewn about on chairs and the floor sleeping at random or just relaxing. So great. This, coupled with the fact that I have off the two weeks around it means that Billy will finally get the rest his body has been craving the past few months.

And even though I am off for two weeks straight there came a time last week when I just couldn’t take the stress and frustration of my schedule, and I had to take a day off on Monday. I took a “wellness day,” as it is called at work, and went to the eye doctor to get my eyes examined so that I could have some fresh contacts for the convention. My optometrist is about a half hour from my house, and it was weird, but even though I drive every day for work, there was something freeing and liberating about the drive to the doctor. I don’t really know what I’m trying to explain. I guess it was just that I was driving on my own schedule to do things I wanted to do… I wasn’t on anyone else’s clock. It reminded me how how much I like to just go out and drive. To just head out and let the road lead you where it may. Driving wasn’t work this day. It was fun. I don’t know, maybe I’m making no sense, but I get what I mean…. Anyway, I find out that my prescription is actually getting a wee bit better as compared to last year. I guess that’s a good thing. It has been stable for the past five years or so, and now it is moving towards zero. We’ll see what will become of this. Dr Schultz and I shared random banter and chit chat about things Macintosh, things photographic, things reminiscant (I used to work with Dr Schultz before I was a patient in his office), and other such random things. In the midst of conversation, Dr Schultz spoke of about dilation. I said that I had never had it done, and so he said that I was going to get it this day as a result. He said that after he put the drops in I would look like I was high on crack, and so I did.


Stylin'Afterward I headed home in my new stylish dark glasses. I have to say the dilation experience was rather odd. The light sensitivity is not too bad, unless you are in uber-sunlight. The blurriness and distortion is a bit strange. I had contacts on, so I could see distance fine, but everything was blurry up close. So now I know what it will be like to need reading glasses. The dilation did provide a bit of dizziness and disorientation which proved for a uneasy drive home, but the feelings soon subsided and I was fine.

After I got home I got a call from Carlos. He was going to lunch with Castro and invited me to come, and so I did, and we partook of some fine Chinese buffet meal. Good stuff. After that Castro came back to my house and we made plans to film some video that afternoon. I shan’t speak of exactly what we filmed, but it should be edited down and on YouTube within the next few days. And we have ideas for other little things we want to film also in the next few days.

In the evening, after the filming was done, we went to Best Buy because my grandmother wanted a HDTV to replace her decade-old big-screen that had recently ceased to function. We spent a good amount of time in the store, grilling the sales rep on HD and the various televisions and talking optics and discerning the best TV to get for our money that would suit my grandmother. We ended up with a Sony 46″ LCD HDTV. We came home and me and Jimmy set it up and mounted it to the wall and got it all running. Good times.

All in all I’d say that Monday was a good day. It was just what I needed to keep me going until my full vacation at the end of next week. I like good days.

That’s all for now. Peace be with you.

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