Blogging from NYWC

We’re here at the National Youth Worker’s Convention in St Louis. We got in about 12am last night. It was a really nice flight over. There were 11 people total on the flight and our group composed 9 of them. So, basically, it was like a private jet. And since there were so fee people, we had a small, tiny jet. Maybe a 50-person plane. The stewardess told us to make ourselves at home and sit wherever we’d like. She gave us candy since it was Halloween and joked around with us. It was much more intimate and personal than any other fight I have been on.

The hotel is really nice… almost too nice. I feel almost out of place in it. Still, it’s a great experience. The bed was extremely comfortable, and I think that was the best I’ve slept for the longest time.

Today we got all registered and got our new bags and convention books. We had the first part of our Critical Concern Courses as well. Me Jenn, and Sarah are taking “God’s Word on Center Stage: Leading A Biblically Centered Youth Ministry” and it’s been pretty good. Lots of great ideas and methodologies that we could implement back at home. Tomorrow we continue the second part.

Right now I’m sitting in the Digital Lounge area of the YS Store. The “YS Store Madness Sale”going on right now. Huge discounts and specials on products. I bought a few t-shirts and some books, including Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus. Excited about that…. the teaching series on the Mosaic podcast was very good this past summer and I’d like to see what the whole book says.

Anyway, I should have my laptop with me tomorrow, and so I can blog more, as long as I find some free WiFi. I also have many pictures I’ve already taken that will be on Flickr as soon as I get back to the hotel room and I can get them on my Macbook.

You can also follow my Convention updates on Twitter. Janelle and Samantha are also Twittering the event.

I may even stream some video on or

Either way, see you tomorrow.

From St Louis, peace be with you.

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