Blogging from NYWC II

I’m sitting in the “Night of Illusions” with Jared Hall. He a magician/illusionist who is at NYWC every year. There is another illusionist here tonight as well that I’ve never heard of. He isn’t on stage yet, so I don’t know what he’s like.

Anyway, today was pretty cool. The conference officially started today. We had part 2 of our Critical Concern Course. It was great. Lots more great ideas and practical examples.

We had two General Sessions today. Crowder led worship at both sessions. Jars of Clay played in one of them, but we missed the first half of their set because we were out at dinner. The other session introduced us to some strange Celtic Punk band, Flatfoot 56. It wasn’t quite my style, but it was cool.

I took a seminar on Theology with Tony Jones. It was interesting. He issued a disclaimer right off the bat that he would probably say something that we’d not agree with or might offend. He did have some really good thoughts, but there were some that I didn’t quite agree with. He spoke about the concept of truth, culture, what theology is, relativism, and some others. Really intriguing.

So far it’s been a great trip. Lots of fun and laughs and lessons learned. But I’m gonna go now because I’m missing the show.

See you tomorrow.

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