Things that make me mad

I accidentally dropped my Treo on Sunday, and didn’t find out until later in the night that the phone actually was damaged and was pretty much bricked. I was not a happy person, but really couldn’t worry about it at that point because we were in the middle of the church services.

Anyway, today I was without phone all day. Without texts. Without Twitter. It was rough. So I went to the Sprint store this evening to see about repair or getting a new cheap phone. No such luck. Apparently I was not elidgible for any discounts at Sprint and so the cheapest phone I could get was $170. There’s no way I’m paying almost $200 when I plan on getting the iPhone in the start of 2008.

And so, at the recommendation of the Sprint associate, I came home and found a crappy old unactivated phone that has been sitting in the drawer for the past few years as a backup. Tomorrow I have to call Palm and setup a repair for the Treo covered under warranty. I hope it won’t take too long to repair as this phone, in the 2 hours of its activation is thoroughly frustrating me. Even the simple act of inputting contacts into my address book was making me mad. I loathe T9 and standard Alpha inputting via a phone keypad. I miss my QWERTY. I miss my Palm OS. I miss my Mobile Internet. I miss my touchscreen.

This is going to be rough.

Behold my bane:

Not an iPhone

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