It appears that I have neglected posting here for a few past days, and for that I apologize several times over… to the 3 people who read this.

I have been quite busy the past several days. Last Thursday was the church’s Thanksgiving dinner. It was quite crowded. Me and Gary went walking about the Liberty while most people were partaking of the turkey and festivities. He hasn’t seen the progress that has been made on the building for the past several months. So I showed him around. And then we went down to the madness that was dinner. Ok, it wasn’t exactly madness. There were mass people crammed into the lobby area, though… like sardines in a can. ‘Twas warm and muggy to say the least. The unexpected monsoon outside helped none too much in making the experience less…. moist.

But it was not a bad experience. Me and Gary just hung out most of the night… talking about upcoming teachings that were immenent in both our lives – mine on the Triforce Weekend the next day and he on Sunday at The Connexion. Finally, the line for he buffet-style meal reduced to an adequate size, so we got on. Happily, there was still much holiday food stuffs remaining as we, the last ones on line, arrived at the food-distribution area. What made it even a more splendid experience was seeing Jenn and Sarah there, spoons in hand, ready to serve us. And I let them know of my approval of this situation. Twice.

So we ate, and as we were eating, most of the people went upstairs to the auditorium for the second wing of the night’s festivities. We (me and Gary) stayed in the lobby, me with my MacBook and he with his Inspiron, and began typing. I was a wee nervous because there was much notes to type before I had to present this teaching the following night at 8pm at the Triforce’s Advanced Leadership Training Seminar. So we typed. The night ended and the hoards of people flooded back into the lobby, making their exit. Eventually we were kicked off the table, as it had to be broken down and put away. So we went to Starbucks.

I think there's actually something evil about this place.Now, I am no large fan of the Starbucks. I think I have been there less than 4 times in my life. I still do not fully comprehend the broken English that is their menu. I went up to the lady at the register and said, “I want one of those big vanilla cold drink things.” She processed and confirmed my order in Starbuckese, and me, not knowing if she confirmed my true order, took a gamble and said, “Yeah, sure.” Well, she got it right. And I was happy… until I found out you have to pay T-Mobile for WiFi access there. Eh, not the end of the world. We typed until closing and then parted ways.

I took off of work on Friday. There’s something about Paid Time Off that just makes the sun shine a little brighter and the air feel a wee bit crisper. It was glorious. I began typing my teaching notes again around 9am and ended about 3:15pm. Then I had to shower, get dressed, get packed, go to Liberty and make a few hundred photocopies, and go to the store all before I had to meet the bus at 5pm. The pressure was on.

Well, I made it by about 5:10/5:15pm. So the bus was still there and all was well. I ended up going up in the van with Carlos and we spoke of some things and I graded a survey I gave to the youth attending that I would use as a part of my teaching later that night. There was large quantity of traffic on all major highways getting to Camp Tecumseh, so we were delayed by a good hour, but we made it.


When we arrived, I got right to work creating slides for the presentation since I had no time at home and Michael didn’t charge the laptop battery for the car-ride up there. I finished the notes with about 15 minutes before I had to teach it… My [final] title was The Great Dichotomy of Our Modern Culture. It dealt with worldviews and living a Christian life and the concept of Truth and other such things. I enjoyed it. Spoke for a full hour and 36 minutes. I was told to keep it to an hour. 🙂 I think those who were in the seminar enjoyed it… at least some of them. The results of the survey really made an impact with them. Perhaps I will post the results here later on. It was anonymous, so no one should mind.

The next day I was with the Discovery Retreat people. I taught the morning session – about unwrapping your spiritual gifts, Ali taught the afternoon, and Janelle was in charge of the night. The three of us decided that we want to revamp the whole thing. Re-write the teachings, keeping what is good and removing what is not-so-good, and adding what is missing. I like this Discovery leadership team. I think we’ll make this series a real thing of beauty by the time we’re done.

We got home around 8:30pm. Probably left the parking lot around 9, by the time the last parent got there. But, of course, every youth worker knows, just as I told Jenn, “When the trip is over, that’s when the real work begins.” And so we unloaded the van in the various places it needed to be unloaded, we returned the van and got Carlos’ car, and then went to 7-Eleven for some hot chocolate since is was so FREAKIN COLD that night. I’m talking hypothermia if there was much more exposure to the elements. We finished and I was home by around 11:30. I came home and can’t remember much of what happened. I think I just passed out from exhaustion.

And then church the next day. Setup at 8:30am, of which I was alone for the first half hour… which I will have to deal with later on. And then the regular routine of Sunday took over. I left at 4 from the high school. A few of us went to the diner afterwars for some dinner, and then I was home around 5:30. Jimmy and Danielle and company were there and I just chilled all night and didn’t do much.

I’ve been listening to a lot of teachings by people like Rob Bell about Sabbath. The more I hear about it and understand the more I like the concept. I guess God really did know what he was doing when he made that 4th Commandment. So the past few weeks I have made Sunday after church a Sabbath for me. No work. No creating anything. Just be. It’s nice. I’d like to make the whole of Saturday a Sabbath, but we shall see.

Ok, this is obnoxiously long, and probably only the hardcore committed one of the three readers will get this far, so I take my leave. I believe this makes up for not positng for three days.

Until next time…

The power of the Triforce

So I’m teaching this weekend at our Triforce Retreat seminar thing. Originally, I was slated to only teach at the Discovery Retreat, but Carlos asked me to do one at the Advanced Leadership Training seminar too.

So, Friday night I’m leading the 1st session with the Leadership Training people. I don’t think I can say what the topic is about as I believe we want to keep it a secret until we actually do it, being that this is the first time we’re doing this particular seminar. I think that I am going to call the session, “The Great Dichotomy of Our Modern Culture,” though… so draw your own conclusions as to the theme and focus.

And then I’ll be with the Discovery Retreat people all day on Saturday, in which I will lead their 2nd session on “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts.” It will be fun. I did this one back in April and thought it was good. And we’re going to have a lot more people in the class this time around.

The only down side is that I now have 2 days to plan this brand new teaching, generate some slides and handouts and outlines. Much work to do.

NYWC 2006 Photographic Reflections

It’s taken awhile due to the busyness of the past month, but I finally got pictures from the National Youth Worker’s Convention 2006 in Austin, TX online at The Bridge’s website.

nywc06_107.JPG nywc06_256.JPG nywc06_075.JPG

Check out the entire gallery, containing almost 300 images. Just click here, select the “Bridge Program” link, and you’ll see it right there under “Featured Gallery.”

Also added are some new photos from The Bridge: Midtown‘s Fort Dix Challenge.

This is a post.

Nothing new happening the past two days.  Well, that may not be necessarily true.  I bought a AV Switchbox to try to get my computer and PS2 and N64 and CD/DVD combo unit and other amenities all run into spare TV I found lying in the attic.  I want to use it as a secondary monitor and figured I can wire everything together and make it all cool.  Of course, I’ll have to disconnect it all soon because I’m going to buy a new desk shortly.  But we’ll see.

And also I taught at small group last night.  ‘Twas cool.  I had no notes.  I just played a Nooma video and we all started talking for an hour.  I think it went well.  We spoke about being Jesus’ disciple.  We spoke about how to be a witness for God here and now today and how to love people.  We even got into some deeper theological discussion about whether or not “the unsaved” can go to heaven based on a Scripture, whose reference eludes me, which talks about how some who think they will make it won’t and those who don’t think they will make it actually will.  Good stuff.  I may or may not be scheduled to teach on November 29.  We shall see.  You should come check it out.

Today was boring.  I worked.  I came home.  That’s about it.  I’m going to clean a wee bit cause my room looks like Hiroshima after they dropped the bomb.  (No offense to any Hiroshimans).

I do feel some obligation to post something, though, for the 3 people who randomly read this.  So I’ma steal a survey, or meme as she calls it, from Angela.

::begin meme theft::
1. Total number of films I own on DVD and video.
Between 50 and 75.  There was a point where I was buying movies at a highly accelerated rate.  But then I realized I was poor.  So now it is infrequent.

2. Last film I bought.
Wow. That would probably be King Kong.  I told you.  Few and far between.

3. Last film I watched.
The Prestige.  Very good movie.  The ending was a bit disturbing, but I rather enjoyed it.

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order).
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Rocky 1
Field of Dreams
Batman Begins

5. If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be?

Wilson from Cast Away cause he was freakin’ awesome!

::end meme theft::

And, so I guess I should shoutout to Angela since I did steal her meme/survey thing.

This is Angela.  She is the SciFiChick and is pretty much awesome.  Visit her blog and subscribe to the RSS.  She also is a really talented artist.  You should hire her.  Seriously.

I met her back in 2005 at the National Youth Worker’s Convention in Atlanta, GA. I have a picture somewhere, but not on this computer.

Well, this blog has gotten fairly long for me not having something to talk about.  Hopefully something interesting will happen to me tomorrow so I can talk about it.  See you then.

Webtastic awesomeness

The Sanctuary on your iPod!

It’s here!  The Sanctuary Podcast is online and available for immediate subscription.  You can download the teaching from every week as heard in The Sanctuary by our various speakers.  The latest teachings will be made available sometime Monday evening following The Sanctuary.

You will need iTunesto be able to listen to the podcast, so download it today.  It’s free!

Once iTunes is installed, click on THIS LINK to be brought to The Sanctuary Podcast page and then click on the “Subscribe” button.  It’s that simple.  iTunes will automatically download the latest podcast, and you can go back and download the older ones if you wish as all of 2006 is already posted for download.

If you have an iPod, iTunes should automatically send the podcast over to it so you can listen on the go.  If not, you can always listen right on your computer or put the podcasts on CD.  If you want to buy an iPod, buy this one.

Subscribe today!  Jesus would want you to.  🙂

More public speaking

So I’m teaching at The Sanctuary tomorrow.  Busy getting the final plans for the teaching done while also getting everyone else’s media ready for the other services.

 I’m fairly excited about it though.  The topic is pretty good, I think.  I’m basing a good portion of the teaching on stuff I’ve heard from Rob Bell and other speakers I like, while adding my own things to it.  Should be fun. 

Well, I should get back to work.

Happy Day after Halloween?

I wasn’t home last night until almost midnight, so no bloggings on October 31.

After work I came home, and passed out out for about a half hour and then showered and went to Carlos’ house. Me and Janelle and Carlos were hanging out there all night with other people coming and going at random times. At one point the house was quite full. We hung out on the front porch most of the night. We gave out some candies to the kids out for Halloween along with Bridge cards and invited them to come check us out. We also had hot chocolate or tea with cookies for the adults who were there with their kids.

It was pretty cool. A good handful of kids came around. Most of the night we just hung out with each other. I got Carlos’ computer antivirus updated and got him some spyware protection and cleaned up his system. I also got his iPod hooked back up. He has the original iPod Mini… though as compared to the new Nanos, it’s not really that “mini.”

In other news, I’m writing a teaching series on the cross that hopefully we will be able to use in 2007. I had the idea for the 4-part series while at Quick Check across from the Rahway Motor Vehicle building. I think it will be really cool. I have some ideas for approaching different areas and ideas associated with it that I think will be impactful. I’ll post more about this once the series is actually written and there is something to speak of.

In honor of last night, though, I leave you with a cartoon from HomestarRunner.com. They always have a great Halloween episode every year.

HomestarRunner: Happy Hallow-Day!