All kinds of new music

I went on a little music buying spree this past week. I spent way too much and now really shouldn’t spend any more until next pay period… but here is what i got:

Pillar – The Reckoning
I really like Pillar. I’ve been listening to them since before they really became popular… since several CD’s ago. I’ve been wanting this album for awhile now, but since I refuse to pay more than $10 for a CD, I waited until the price dropped. Well, I found it on sale for $8 and bought it. I’ve listened to a few tracks and it seems like a solid album.

Third Day – Third Day
I had this album a long time ago and lent it to Carlos and never got it back. This was before the iTunes days and so there was no backup of the music. It was just gone. I have most of the other Third Day albums, and they are a consistently great band. And, from what I can remember, this album was also great. It was $4 in a discount section of the store since it’s over 10 years old and so I also bought this one. Many great songs on here.

Fusebox – Lost in Worship
Again, found this one in the discount section (can you tell I don’t like to pay a lot for music?) for $6. I’ve never heard of Fusebox, so this was a total impromptu impulse buy. I listened to a few tracks so far and they sound decent. I’m not to sure how good I’d classify them yet, but I don’t think I’d classify them as bad. I have to listen to this one a bit more to be sure, though.

Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart
I bought this album solely on the recommendation of iJustine. She mentioned that Meoldy was a great indie jazz artist from Philly and that everyone should check out her music. I have become quite a fan of the jazz as of late, and so I quickly went to Melody’s website and listened to some sample tracks and was instantly hooked. She sounds amazing. So relaxing and peaceful her music is. I haven’t yet received the album in the mail. I had to have it snail mail delivered since there’s no iTunes availability for it yet 😦 , but I really can’t wait for it to get here. On a side note, I find that I am much more willing to pay fill price for a CD (as I did for this one) for an indie artist as compared to mainstream ones. I really love the indie arts and encourage everyone to support these talented people.

Anthony Rodriguez & Poetology
These guys came to our church this past week to perform during The Connexion. They’re a latin jazz band and they did awesome. I went out to the lobby after church and quickly bought a copy of their CD. It’s pretty solid. No words. Just music, and I really enjoy it. Check them out too.

So that’s it. That’s what I bought this week. It brings my iTunes library to a grand total of:

3728 Songs (12-ays 13-hours 37-mins 30-sec | 7.69Gb)
33 Movies (03-hours 13-mins 24-sec | 2.01Gb)
44 TV Shows (01-day 07-hours 50-mins 32-sec | 20.32Gb)
447 Podcasts (12-days 16-hours 59-mins 45-sec | 15.03Gb
10 Audiobooks (21-hours 03-mins 25-sec | 289.5Mb)

Wow. That’s a lot of media. And that is all for now. Peace be with you.

Relaxing Tunes

I just bought a CD from iTunes on impluse. I was looking through some indie artists that I found on the Internet and came across this girl/band called Céu. I believe she is Brazilian, and so I think most of the album is in Portuguese. I really should be able to tell definitively that it is Portuguese as I am friends with Jenn, but oh well. It’s another language.

And even though I don’t understand the words, I really like this album. It’s so relaxing and peaceful. It’s been on for the past hour or so. Her voice is soothing and the band provides a nice mixture of latin flavor with some jazz. I’m sure this album will be coming through on the iPod tomorrow while at work.
You should check them out.

Thus ends the Compact Disc

I heard today in a podcast that the CD is dying. It’s on its way out. I don’t know if that’s completely true. I mean I think the audio CD is dying. Programs like iTunes and Rhapsody and even the Zune Marketplace are the future of music delivery to consumers. I don’t buy CD’s anymore unless I can get them dirt cheap… at least cheaper than I can get on iTunes. I don’t carry CD’s anymore. It’s all on my iPod. Probably, within 5 – 10 years we won’t be getting music delivered on disc.

But I don’t think the CD-R‘s will be going away soon. Perhaps it will be replaced by DVD-R as files get larger and larger. I mean, discs are way too convenient for quick file transfers. And they’re super disposable. It wouldn’t be convenient to give out thumb drives.

So, I think audio CD’s are going out, but data CD’s will be here for awhile.

Anyway, one thing they did do during the discussion is ask everyone what their first CD was.

Mine, I am somewhat shamed to admit, was purchased for me by my mom and dad when they got me my first CD player for a birthday. They got me Carman’s Radically Saved. I told you… embarrassing.

Radically Saved

On the other hand they did also get me Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Classical music is pretty good and the dynamic range is so much more stimulating to the ear than the music that is put out today.


What was your first CD? Leave a comment.

Reflection of Something

Why doesn't he ever wear shoes on his CD's?So I’ve been listening to Todd Agnew’s newest CD, which really isn’t all too new, but it is for me since I just got a copy of it.

There’s a few songs on there I like, but there’s just something about the album I couldn’t undersand that made it seem weird to me. I listened to it a few times and think I have figured it out.

It appears to me that, for the most part, Todd doesn’t like to rhyme his lyrics… almost never. There is the occasional rhymage, but for the most part, I think he abstains from it.

Maybe he does it for artistic reasons. Maybe he wants to stand out, in which he succeeds because the songs do sound different than any other songs I have heard before. Or perhaps he just has a hard time finding rhyming words.

As I listen to it more, it grows on me slowly. There are, I think one or two songs I particularly like… one being “My Jesus.” The other eludes me as I haven’t learned the track titles yet.

It’s not a bad album, but I think it takes time to get used to.

I give it 3 bare feet out of 5.