Who says Retreat work can’t be fun?

So here’s the scenario…

We needed to test out some equipment that we’re gonna use on the Retreat, coming up this weekend. We had a bunch of lights and a fog machine and stuff that we had to be sure worked. So where would be the best place to set it all up and test it out? My mom’s living room, of course.

Listen carefully and you can hear her yelling at us in parts.


Funny thing overheard today at the Retreat VII meeting… We were talking about what we were going to feed everybody on Friday night when we got up there. The idea of hot dogs came up, and we pick up a this point:

Michael: What about lent, cuddy?
Carlos: What about it?
Michael: No meat.
Me:  Hot dogs aren’t actually meat, so we’re ok.
Jenn: Ew… I don’t want to think about that.


I have neglected this blog as of late, and for that I offer my deepest and most heartfelt apologies. I have been quite busy working on things these past few days, and I have been extremely tired as I am not getting enough sleep. I think I may try to be in bed by 12 tonight, and then take another nap tomorrow after work.

And I wish that I could think of something meaningful to type, but I am drawing a blank.

I will see if there is more to talk about tomorrow after I rest. Until then, behold this igloo and bask in its magnificence.


Harold killed a cat today.

Poor little defenseless creature that God created and loved with all his being right up until its tiny life was ripped away from it beneath a massive rubber execution device known as a tire.

All heav’n mourns.  😦