Connexion SoftballWe played softball again today since we had so much fun last week. I was up to bat in the first inning… and I got hurt. I pulled (or tore) both my quads pretty bad. There was much pain and anguish, though I tried to not show how bad it was at first. Actually, as I was hobbling off the field, I started blacking out and getting really dizzy. It was bad. So I sat under a tree for the rest of the game and just tried to relax.

Afterwards, my friend Sarah and I were talking. She was disappointed that I got hurt because she was looking forward to playing the outfield deep while I was up in order to get me out (never mind feeling bad due to the extreme pain I was in). To be honest, I was looking forward to making her run all over God’s green earth to chase those hits as well. But alas, it was not meant to be. So instead, she followed me around a bit, mimicking my crippled walking and saying that I looked like an old man (though in reality, she is [significantly] older than me, and I reminder her consistently of it). I asked her for an autograph on one of the softballs and you can see the subsequent inscription. I have such great friends. 🙂

SmileWe’ve actually been friends for about 10 years now, and despite her blatant mocking of me, Sarah is still pretty awesome, and so here’s a shoutout to her. But just wait til next time. I’ma hit the ball so hard she’ll just have to stand there and watch as it crosses the horizon. And I’ll point right at her as I round the bases so she knows that was because of her. 🙂

A complete gallery of the softball game can be found on my Flickr.

Of old friends and teaching

photo-281.jpgAn old friend stopped by today. We haven’t really seen each other in quite awhile. I’m not quite sure how long it has been. A year perhaps? Maybe a little less.

Anyway, shout out to Lee.

In other news, I’m teaching in The Sanctuary tomorrow again. I know all the information I will be going over, but I still have to organize it and put all the finishing touches on it. I think it may be a pretty good teaching when it’s all done. 2pm at Dwyer House Auditorium in Elizabeth.

Things have been pretty busy as of late around here. Lots of things going on all at once and I’m trying to figure out the best way of approaching it all. I’ll write more about it later. Perhaps tomorrow night. It seems as if I will have the night off. So nice.

Anyway, I must get back to work. Peace be with you.

Free publicity

I’m not quite sure why, but Shepherd Boy Creative sent me a free t-shirt in the mail today. No letter. No explanation. Just a free tee. And I think that’s awesome!

I love the free t-shirt. There is no article of clothing higher. Still, I wonder what prompted this gift. I assume it has something to do with the National Youth Worker’s Convention. I know I saw Carlos wearing a SBC t-shirt before that he got there. I must have signed up for something at their booth.

Anyways, it is obvious that the guys and gals at Shepherd Boy Creative are fine, upstanding people. They’re a t-shirt designing company, so you should all now go and buy some shirts from them for they rock hardcore. Their website is

And if they’d like to send me any more t-shirts (2x), I’d be happy to wear them and spread the word and post pictures on of me wearing the shirts.

As a matter of fact, if anyone wants to send me free clothing or products (or computers), feel free and I will be sure to give your company a shoutout.

Shepherd Boy, I salute you.


Pretty package

I am an expert gift wrapper.


Ok, maybe not. But I try.

Usually I try to get someone else to do it, but this year it’s all me. I did have quite a few offers from other people to help me wrap the gifts, though…. including from the one and only Gaily Waily!

Gail is pretty much one of the coolest girls you will ever meet. She goes to Bridge: Elmora. She is an amazing soccer player. I mean, really good. I saw her score a goal over the heads of about 20 other players while playing defense. She also runs mad fast on the soccer field. She loves Mountain Dew with a borderline obsession. She’s just all around awesome.

Live recordings

Here’s a video we recorded at The Sanctuary a few weeks back. Gary performed one of his songs for us and I recorded the audio, AJ recorded the video, and then we combined it into this. Not the best of quality, but pretty good for doing it on the fly.

ceaser-watkins.jpgI suppose this would be a good time to do a shoutout to Gary, huh?  I’ve known Gary for years upon years upon years.  From a time when Internet multiplayer gaming was just getting big with games such as Duke Nukem 3D and Red Alert.  A time where we spent countless hours using the faulty DragonTalk2 voice recognition software that took 3x longer to use than a regular mouse.  A time where things such as the Windows 95 Power CD existed.  Good times.

Gary moved to Florida a week or so ago for his company.  I wish him the best of luck there.  And in honor, here is a picture from a missions trip we both went on in 1997 to the Dominican Republic.  This was at the hotel we stayed in.  I call it, “Ceaser Watkins.”

Listen. Be. Breathe.


Fellowship group was pretty cool tonight. I taught. We watched the latest Nooma video, “Breathe.” I first saw it at NYWC Austin and it really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Made me view myself and others in a completely different light.

The discussion was pretty cool. We spoke, wrestled with, and dug deeper into many concepts the video addressed and then into areas the conversation branched out to, such as holy ground, life and death, God’s sustenance of all living things, Sabbath, loving others, God’s presence amidst the chaos and disorder of our existences (see Geneses 1:2), suffering, persecution, the church’s ability to flourish under fire, the God in you connecting with the God in others, the paradox of atheism, and much more.

I like my group. We can get into pretty deep theological though processes. There’s a lot of “thinkers” that go there, and they present all different aspects and perspectives of an issue, and we come together to analyze, probe, and process it all and form new conclusions as to understand deeper truth.

There is much that we could do together in taking the things we discuss and putting them into action. I’m excited for what the future may hold.

photo-145.jpgAnd so we come to another shout out, to one of my fellow group-mates, Aloma.

She is fairly awesome… contributes much to the group, though tonight was mostly silent, which is good too. Many a time I, personally, am learning the most when I just sit back and listen to others wrestle with an issue. I think you can learn and understand a great deal of a topic even if you cannot or chose not to actively participate in its discussion. And I believe that was her case tonight, as she shared at the end what was on her heart and mind with the issue.

She blogged about it on her myspace.

Reflections of “Tired”

So last night I said how tired I was.

StupidityI woke up super early and went to work 4 hours of overtime.

After work I came home, did a wee bit of work, and then me and Michael went to get some lunch and head over to a big training day that The Bridge was putting on.. “Equip.” It was cool. We showed some video teachings and we had 3 smaller live teachings and some fun stuff too. It was a good day of training. People liked it.

Houlihan'sAnd then afterwards me, Michael, Brian, Lynn, Kevin, and Sarah all went to Houlihan’s in Bayonne for some dinner. I had ribs and chicken. ‘Twas good. The potatoes were wonderful as well.

And then we came home. I was beat. I was fighting falling asleep the whole car ride home. I sat down at the computer to get stuff finished for church today, and I was out. Comatose. I do remember Michael coming home around midnight or something and saying something, though I can’t really remember the conversation. He then went to the other computer, and made all the videos that I was supposed to get done. It was appreciated.

MichaelSo I guess I shoutout to Michael now, cause he took care of just about all the church media while I slept. He is my brother. No, that’s not slang. He biologically is of the same relation to me. He is my Senior Apprentice in the Bridge’s tech pillar as well as, basically, the 2nd in command at Christ Fellowship’s tech ministry and our stage manager.

And the sleep was glorious. All 9 hours of it. A pleasant change of pace as my Saturday nights usually consist of about 3 hours of sleep.