Professional photographer

Ok, not so professional, but another one of my photos was used in an article published on Friday, October 19.


This is the photo that was used. I took it at the Starbucks in Times Square in New York a few months ago when we went to the Hard Rock, also in Times Square, for Maria’s birthday bash.

You can read the full article, titled The Blue Way by Miranda Marquit over at

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Most people buy into the idea that socially responsible companies must necessarily be less successful than companies with an emphasis on the bottom line. The point of “The Blue Way: How to Profit by Investing in a Better World” is to dispel what the authors consider to be a myth and show how socially responsible investors can earn good returns and influence the future by making decisions that encourage a better world…. click here for more

You can see all my photos at Flickr.


Played lumberjack yesterday and cut down several trees. Went to go pick up stranded friends at train station at 3am. Slept for 2 hours. Went to church to setup and run sound and projection for 8 hours. Had a meal. Recorded a song. So very tired.

I will sleep.

Happy Labor Day to all my American friends.

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I want to type up some of the stuff I saw when I watched both the Microsoft and Apple keynotes yesterday, but I’m really tired. Perhaps tomorrow.

I will say this in the mean-time. My car will cost $700 to fix. I need to get a truck. I’m thinking an SUV because I will be able to securely store things in the back. I like the body style of the 1978 Ford Broncos. If anyone knows where I can get something similar and very VERY cheap, let me know. Actually, anything that is cheap will do.